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    Destruction of biological diversity.
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    PObox 636
    Utrecht , 3500 AP
    Contact Person: The Court of Eden
    Phone: 00 31 30 2516941

    Detailed Information:
    At 10 o'clock December the 17th 2001, the police did a raid at the Court of Eden, a living genebank in Utrecht, Holland. Locks were cut without any summons. All animals, including 23 yaks, 20 Meishan swines, a herd of rare sheep and goats, and many chicken varieties have been tranported with brutal violence. One little sheep got his leg fractured. The rare Meishan swines have been killed the same afternoon. This was no legal action. A limp goat of the veluwse landras(the only one in the Netherlands), has been killed because the police said they couldn't transport it, What a reason!!

    Who is talking here about animal welfare? Why has this happened? We don't know. We do know that the local council would like to have a different use for the ground next to the local football stadium, which our foundation is using now for the maintenance of 30.000 plant and animal varieties. Last week a vet declared that the animals were neglected. She claimed this was proven by the fact that Meishan swines were in the mud with the hairs standing up straith. Her conclusion was the swines felt cold She also declared that the Yaks were longing for power-fodder. But upstanding hairs are a habbit of these specific swines, even in summer. Yaks are not allowed to eat power- fodder, they are not high productive cattle. Power-fodder would cause them diarrhoea.

    It is a real shame this violation of the international treaty on biological diversity has ever happened. This brutal violation of article 8j is an international insultment.We are shocked and desperate. All help, in any form, is very welcome. Tell others what has happened here. You can find photographs of this disaster in a situation before and after this tragedy on The animals can be clearly seen on this photographs. Convince your self our animals were not neglected.

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